PSVBA has an excellent coaching staff that is instructive, technically sound, competition-tested and proven over many years!  Many of our coaches have had successful collegiate careers and are equally successful on the sidelines.

Here is our 2014 Coaching Lineup:

Kristy Rioux (Austin Juniors)
Nick Pal
Todd Oestreich
Holly Nicols (San Jose State/ Griffin)
Tana Otton (Tumwater HS)

Steve Drutz
Hanna Hernandez

Jessica Hansen (Portland State University)
Jessica Vanzant (Portland State University)
Jordan Seelye (GRCC)
Ashley Brodie
Halee Hernandez

Dan Ishii (Eastern Washington)
Megan Deinas (Seattle University/The Bush School)
Kristin Ross (St. Martins University)

PS 16’s:
Rodney Kalalau (St. Martins University/Annie Wright HS)
Kimiko Shadle (Pierce College)
Christie Murphy (UTEP/Olympia HS)

Brianna Trier (Western Washington)
Jamie Anderson (Western Washington)

Joe Baleto (University of Washington/Seattle University/West Seattle HS)
Bobby McGivern (St. Martins University/Emerald Ridge HS)
Bob Iwasaki (University of Washington/Todd Beamer)

Technical Coaches:
Pat Taitano (University of Hawaii/Todd Beamer HS)
Jessica Veris (University of Washington)
Stephanie Papke (Washington State University)
Carlye Hupp (University of Washington)