College Committments

Congrats to PSVBA’s college committments!  Our college bound athletes continue to work hard to develop into players that will compete at the next level!

2014 Class

Megan Huff, 6-3″ Middle/Left, committed/signed to University of Hawaii (NCAA DI)

Molly Cichosz, 6′-2″ Left, committed/signed to Loyola University Maryland (NCAA DI)

Margaux Arntson, 6′-2″ Right, committed/signed to Claremont McKenna College (NCAA DIII)

Maia Williamson, 6′-0″ Middle, committed/signed to Lewis & Clark State, Idaho (NAIA)

Michaela Hall, 6′-1″ Left, committed/signed to Western Washington University (NCAA DII)

Courtney New, 5′-8″ Setter/DS, committed/signed to Olympic College (NWAACC)

Hannah Kumasaka, 5′-7″ Setter/DS, committed to George Fox University (NCAA DIII)

Eastyn Baleto, 5′-8″ Libero/DS (BEACH), committed to University of New Mexico (NCAA DI – Beach)

Aliya Ranis, 5′-6″ Libero/DS, committed to Highline College (NWAACC)

2015 Class

Carson Heilborn, 6′-0″ Setter, committed to University of New Mexico (NCAA DI)

Addison Picha, 6′-2″ Middle, committed to San Diego University (NCAA DI)

Jenna Mullen, 6′-1″ Left, committed to Portland State University (NCAA DI)

Eva Linden, 6′-0″ Right, committed to Portland State University (NCAA DI)

Jessica Davis, 6′-2″ Middle/Right, committed to University of Colorado Colorado Springs (NCAA DII)

Isabella Zubrod, 5′-11″ Setter, undecided

Katrice Pond, 5′-11″ Left, undecided

Reed Copeland, 6′-2″ Middle, undecided

Abbi Bailey, 5′-7″ Setter/DS, undecided

Mae Thungc, 5′-6″ Libero/DS, undecided

Lexi Lockhart, 5′-11″ Right, undecided

Taylor Tibbetts, 6′-3″ Middle/Right, committed to Dixie State University, Utah (NCAA DII)

Precious Atafua, 6′-0″ Left, undecided

2016 Class

Shayne McPherson, 5′-6″ Libero, committed to University of Washington (NCAA DI)

Ashley Wesenberg, 6′-4″ Middle/Right, undecided

Kara Bajema, 6′-2″ Left, committed to University of Washington (NCAA DI)