Power 3 Results

Congratulations to 12-Todd and 18-Joe for winning their divisions in the 3rd power league! Congratulations to 16-Rodney and 17-Bri for getting the PSR 2nd seed in the Platinum league! Here are the results for Power 3:




18-Joe 18 Silver 1st Place
17-Bri 18 Platinum 5th Place (2nd PSR)
16-Rod 16 Platinum 3rd Place (2nd PSR)
16-Christie 16 Div 6 7th Place
15-Dan 16 Gold 6th Place
15-Kristyn 15 Div 4 6th Place
14-Jessica 15 Gold 3rd Place
14-Jordyn 14 Bronze 3rd Place
14-Halee 14 Div 7 3rd Place
13-Steve 14 Div 4 8th Place
12-Todd 12 Gold 1st Place
12-Kristy 12 Gold 5th Place